08 August 2011

It's Coming! Babywise Delay

My plan was to have my argument against Babywise up today. Ummm. Plans.

Last week I tried to do too much, and while I got most of what I need done to write this post, I haven't been able to get a hold of the most current edition of the book. I refuse to purchase it and support the Ezzos in any way so I tried the library. Interesting to note there are only 3 copies of the book in our entire county system and only one of those is the most current. I am number three on the wait list. But that puts this post at completion in about 2 months. Not ideal.

I was given Growing Kids God's Way Books 1 and 2, and found Babywise Book 2 at the library, so I feel like I could get started writing. But I can't put it out there without referencing the very book and system I'm denouncing. Sooooo...hang with me for a few more days. New plan is Thursday.

Do you have any experience with Babywise, positive or negative? Any particular issues you'd like me to make sure I give attention to or consider?

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  1. I have not had any experience with Babywise, but when I first became a mom, I remember stumbling upon the "Chronicles of a Babywise Mom" blog. At first, I didn't see anything sinister about the program, but when I matured in motherhood and it came time for me to face my own child's sleep issues, my opinions changed. I don't think anyone who follows Babywise is a bad person, but I think there are so many other ways to get your kid to sleep, that I don't think that this approach is necessary. I don't know. I look forward to reading your post on the topic.

  2. Can't wait to read about what you think. My doctor recommended the books and I bought them but never got through the first one. I am not much into putting my daughter in a feeding schedule. I feed her when she is hungry kind of how I feed myself. I eat when I am hungry...I agree with mommy hood. I didn't think anything was wrong until I was faced with my daughters sleep....than things changed and my opinion changed.

  3. I see this is an old post.

    My experience with baby wise is seeing a family member not know what to do with their screaming hungry 2 month old. Finally they gave him a bottle of water. They were trying to cure him of being a "snacker". Now, he wasn't breastfed so it was possible to know that he was getting enough ounces over the course of the day...but...poor kid.


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