01 August 2011

It's the End of Summer! Let's Get Things Started!

Ahhh, the topics that are running around in my head...

First, it's World Breastfeeding Week! in honor of that I'm hoping to come up with something new every day and am setting up a page with a list of all my nursing related posts ^ Yes, I'm lazy. I'd like to be able to put one link in a new post instead of having to link up multiple posts...unless I'm referring to something specific of course.

Second, it's the start of the Summer Blog Social. I'm really excited to participate in that at least a couple of times (hopefully more...) since I'm feeling pretty pouty about not being able to go to BlogHer this year...*sigh* I've been at this for less than 3 months and some of ya'll already have me turning green (and not #HauteGreen, Green-eyed Monster Green!) Anyway, loving the opportunity and planning on making the most of it!

Third, I'm going to try and iron out some research and details for a Babywise post to publish next week...another Why I Hate...

Fourth, I realized that several of my last posts have been Why I (dislike)... So I'm also planning out a series of what I do like and agree with. I'd really hate to give the impression that I have too much negativity in my life. Because that is so far from the truth!

So let's recap.

Goals for the week:
Write a WBW post daily
Write a SBS post daily
Research/Draft my BW post for next week
Jot down the beginnings of some Why I Love/Like posts

Ok, ready? Split!

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