29 September 2011

The 24/7 Milk Bar

Those two dreaded words. Night. Weaning. Ugh.
Yes, my clock is multi-colored, if I'm going to see these
numbers, they should be as fun as possible, right?

Some moms get lucky, their little one just starts sleeping through the night and night weans himself.

Lucky them.

In my La Leche League group this past week we were discussing night weaning. There's just no magic formula. It's as normal for a baby to night wean themselves as it is for it to take four months or more.

Aedyn night weaned himself for a couple of months and then reverse cycled at 6 months and night nursed until I initiated night weaning when he was about 11 months old. It took around 2 months all told. We simply replaced each of the 2 or 3 night nursing sessions, one at a time, with cuddling. But even once he stopped nursing at night he still woke up around 5am to come cuddle and sleep in our bed until 8 or 9. (Something even at 2.5 years old, he still does on occasion  most nights.)

Yes, there was crying. Yes, there were long nights. But he wasn't alone crying on those long nights. He kept his bedtime nursing for a couple months after that until, much to my sadness, he completely weaned.

It was a good thing after all, I guess, since I got pregnant again right after that. Of course, I'm pretty sure that I have Aedyn's night weaning to thank for Jaron!

Speaking of Jaron. He'll be 11 months on Monday. He still nurses 3 - 5 times between his bedtime nursing and when he gets up for the day. And I'm ok with that. He's so distractable during the day that he needs his nighttime calories. I did try for awhile to night wean and cut down distractions during the day, but it was miserable for the whole family. As long as Jake's ok with sharing the bed with a 24/7 milk bar, well, I guess that's what we'll do and I won't think about using those two dreaded words for awhile longer.

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  1. Those babies who sleep through the night and wean themselves are more magical to me than unicorns! Opie is definitely not one of those kids, but I have loved all the extra cuddle time and bonding that almost 16 months of all-night nursing has provided us...And every once in awhile she will sleep through the night (like last night), and Andrew and I will wake up at 4:00 am and talk about how much we miss her being snuggled in between us. <3

  2. Found you through the blog hop.  I am actually dreading night weaning and glad it's months away for us.  While I might not like being awake every hour I do love the family bed and the midnight snuggles.

  3. I also found you through the blog hop. We're not quite ready to night wean yet, but we're pretty lucky with the sleeping. She does sometimes wake up to nurse, but for the most part sleeps through. I don't mind it all that much when she does wake up though - I think I like the nighttime snuggles as much as she does!

  4. Cute title! Thanks for sharing with the blog hop!

  5. The extra bonding time is so precious! I don't know how people can trade that for sleep...ok, I do, but I can sleep when they're in college...or something.

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I never thought I'd be the family bed type, but I'd never go back now!

  7. You have one of those magical unicorn babies! Congrats! Enjoy the sleep and enjoy the cuddles anytime they come!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It's so true that it's different for every baby. 


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