30 September 2011

Learn How To Drive!

He drives better than most people
around here!
Seriously people! I am so tired of people on the road making idiotic choices. On phones, smoking, jamming out to whatever noise is coming out of the speakers. It's not just stupid it's dangerous, or just feeling/acting like they're the most important person on the planet. So stop it and learn how to drive!

Yesterday, we were coming home after a family day out. Jake and Aedyn were in Jake's truck and Jaron and I were following in the van (Jake had a morning meeting at work so we met up at lunchtime and went from there.) On part of our drive there is a roundabout (or traffic circle depending on which part of the country you live in.) Jake headed into the roundabout while I yielded to a silver car entering from the left. But the car didn't merge into the round! He turned left, going against the flow of traffic. He headed straight towards my husband and 2 year-old son. I couldn't move. I just sat there and watched. Fortunately Jake is very attentive when he drives and the silver car only went the wrong way far enough to make a u-turn and go back the way he came. But it took most of the drive home for me to come down from the adrenaline surge.

If this type of driving were just an isolated incident it would be one thing, but it's not.

I'm not the world's best driver. But I make an attempt, I follow the rules. I don't intentionally drive over the speed limit (even the 5 mph "allowance"). Whenever possible I set my cruise control to the speed limit and leave it. I use my turn signal. I don't tailgate. I think ahead to which side of the road my destination is on or which direction I need to turn next and I get in the appropriate lane at least 1/2 a mile beforehand, if not before.

I have driven in Mexico City, without a single wreck. Multiple times. It's crazy there, but it works because their culture is one of awareness. Yes, there are occasional accidents, but I saw far fewer in all of my collective trips than I do in a single day here. In Mexico they are aware of their vehicle and of every other vehicle around them.

Here the attitude is one of "they'll move and if they don't, it's their fault" driving is just one big game of chicken.

Ok, rant over. But seriously, if you drive like an idiot and you hurt my kid, (or my husband, or my family, or my friends)...you will be sorry. You did hear about the study showing that breastfeeding moms are more aggressive than any other woman and without the usual rise in blood pressure, right? Well, imagine what I'm like after when my blood pressure rises...don't drive stupid!

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  1. agree agree agree! can't stand selfish and dangerous drivers!!!!


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