22 September 2011

I Don't Have Time For This!!

Bag of frozen peas, Econobum prefold to absorb
condensation, and Ace bandage...fun...
I'm sitting here, ankle higher than my heart and thinking. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!! Doesn't my body know that I'm a mom? A mom of a toddler and almost-toddler at that? And those two are BOYS?

 I need to be able to move quickly, to chase, to catch, and to carry! A sprained ankle is not an option!

Going back we were at the store today just picking up a couple things, but doing a shelf check too. Aedyn and I were "sneaking" up on Jake and Jaron and as I ran the last couple of steps, I felt my ankle roll, I tried to compensate and have given myself a medial ankle sprain.

It's a pretty intense pain at first and I ended up softening Aedyn's landing as I continued to the floor myself. Some breathing techniques for pain management while I tried to calm Aedyn's tantrum at Jake putting him in the shopping cart. I managed to internalize everything until we reached the van.

OWWW. Probably shouldn't have walked, but having to have Jake go get me a wheelchair...I let my pride win that one. I'm making up for it now and will take a conservative path for the next 24 hours or so.

It's already feeling much better, but I know that's due to meds, ice, elevation and REST.

My view for the next 24 hours
This is far from the first ankle I've sprained, thanks to intense dancing and hill walking in college, I had three sprains in my first college semester. Add in a couple of knee dislocations, a surgery and a broken tailbone...I'm pretty experienced. A couple sports medicine classes, I'm not a Dr or a physical therapist, but I know enough that as long as things progress normally I should be good with home treatment.

This is one time that I know I have to take care of myself immediately, otherwise this will take months and not just weeks to heal. But I hate these lessons.

So tonight will be frozen lasagna and movies. Hopefully the boys won't get to rambunctious (fingers crossed) and we can just chill. And maybe get a few blog posts written so I'm not worried about getting behind all the time...that'd be nice...

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  1. Oh no! I hope it gets better soon! Maybe this will force you to relax a bit :)


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