26 September 2011

Toys, Toys Everywhere

At it's best...
I'm so tired of toys. My boys definitely don't have as many as they could have, but there's enough. They're all stored around the edges of the living room. Even when they're picked up and put away, it still feels cluttered.

Here's my dilemma. I want the boys to play out here, I want our family room to be a FAMILY room. But I don't want the mess.

Our house right now is pretty small and the way things are arranged, it's not possible for us to store the toys in their room. We're moving in about a month or so and that will change. It's my chance to change things.

I asked what other moms of toddlers did through Facebook and Twitter (go like and follow, I'll wait...). The response was very mixed, but even the mms who had the toys stored in the bedroom usually had a basket or hidey hole in the living room.

Then I asked about whether or not bedroom play was supervised. The answers were mixed again but @YourVALisa suggested using a monitor. Genius! We've never had or used a monitor but I'm going to start watching Craig's List for one I think.
At it's usual...

And I think I will move the toys to their room. There are a lot of changes that I'd like to make when we move and a big one involves how much TV time they have. I think it might be easier if we are mostly in their room with the toys and the TV is out of sight. Or at least to have that option.

So, even though I think I've made my decision, what do you do? Anythings that I should think about that might make me change my mind? Share your thoughts and come join me on Google+, Facebook, and/or Twitter!


  1. My family room looks like a nightmare at the moment for this exact reason. I'm considering the idea of creating a recreation area in the basement with all of their toys, but didn't want to be tied to that location while they play. I like the idea of a baby monitor, however, and think that could solve my potential dilemma.

  2. We just recently moved half of Logan's toys from the living room into his bedroom and it made me feel so much better about the living room situation, and it now cleans up quicker and into a smaller corner at night. Plus, when he occasionally wanders into his bedroom and grabs a toy he hasn't seen all week, it is new and exciting to him again. He was getting to the point where he would just pull all his toys out and scatter them and walk away because he was tired of seeing the same ones every day. So moving half into the bedroom and switching a few out every month helps keep them fresh for Logan and keeps half of them out of my way! :D


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