13 September 2011

Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

Well, after thinking, and mentioning, and thinking, and mentioning, and thinking some more, and working out scheduling, and thinking. I finally went back to my local La Leche League.

I'd never planned to stop going, but life got in the way a couple times and then I didn't want to get attached here just in time to move to Tampa. So I just didn't go back after my first meeting. Then things changed, we're no longer moving to Tampa, and I was dragging my feet.

So I decided just to go. I could talk about Leadership after a few meetings, maybe. We'd see. But tonight, our leader asked us to introduce ourselves and say why we sought out LLL.

Ummm... Well, I couldn't bring myself to lie, so I just told the truth. I was there because I'd like to become an IBCLC and LLL Leadership is pretty much the only way for me to do that without moving my entire family. I also told them that I enjoyed the support and the feeling of breastfeeding being normal.

It is pretty refreshing to just be able to talk and hang out and pull my shirt down to feed my baby and not worry whether he pops off to check things out every 2 minutes. I also got to commiserate and swap tips with another mom of a gymnastic nurser.

So I'm in. That's it.

My personality combined with the way I was raised means that when I decide to do something I jump in both feet without holding back. Now I might take awhile to decide I will do whatever it is, I might test things out (that was my plan with this meeting, just see how it went, know one else would know what I was really testing for); but once I say it out loud, once someone else knows, I'm committed.

So, I spoke to one of the leaders tonight. I'll need to participate in meetings covering 2 other topics to complete the series and then we'll get going. But now they know and now I know. And to me that means no easy excuse to skip meetings or talk myself out of going. And it's a good thing.

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  1. Awesome!  LLL has made such a difference in my life and the lives of so many women and babies?  Have you ever been to one of their conferences?  I went to the LLL of WA general conference in 2008 and 2010, and met so many amazing long time leaders, and even a few of the original founders.  Right now I am reading the autobiography of Marian Tompson, and WOW.  What an inspirational lady.  


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