25 October 2011

The Art of Sand

The Lead - In
A couple weeks ago Jake called home with the news that he, the boys, and I had the opportunity to represent Pizza Gallery & Grill at a VIP event and Sneak Peek of an International Sand Sculpting Event that was being hosted by our city. PGG was one of the sponsors.

After being there for a bit and mentioning that we had to cancel the boys' night with my dad we realized that we'd had a lapse in communication. Jake hadn't thought that I'd already had plans which meant I'd arranged for the boys' to be with my folks; he hadn't wanted me to worry about finding someone to watch them and it wasn't a big deal if they came with us.

What I heard was that the boys needed to come with us because it was a family event/presentation.

They behaved wonderfully, especially since it had rained and the entire place was covered in mud puddles just waiting to be jumped in. Aedyn was very much a boy, but he did listen to enough direction that he didn't splash unless everyone was clear of the splash zone.

But we could've had a date night...free food, free wine, free entertainment, and a bit of culture. Oh well, maybe next year.

Note the puddles? And yes, it's made out of sand!!
The Sculptures
The theme for the event was travel and the participants were the top sand sculptors from around the world. It was great because each sign for each piece had a QR code on it, the code took you to a YouTube video of the artist talking about their inspiration for the sculpture as you watched it being created. Love the combination of art and technology!

Check out all the Art of Sand videos!

The Result
After living in Saint Louis, where there are a ton of arts and cultural events, many of them free, I'm a huge complainer of the vacuum that seems to be my current city of residence. So, I am happy, impressed, pleased, and thrilled to be a part of a great cultural event and I hope that this is just the beginning of many more great arts events to come!


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