17 October 2011

Big Boy Blankets

We're moving in a few weeks. When that happens Aedyn and Jaron will both move to their own beds in their own room. We've decided to do twin mattresses on the floor.

But for now, Aedyn sleeps in his toddler bed converted from his crib. Jaron sleeps with us.

Aedyn sleeps in the toddler bed much as he did when it was a crib. He started out with just a fitted sheet, and 1 of 3 crocheted blankets that my mom or I made for him; about 6 months ago he wanted to start taking a pillow to bed with him.

We keep the bedrooms pretty cool because we all sleep better that way.  And it's never been a problem, we all like dressing warmly or using blankets and having our faces cold and breathing cold air.

Then Aedyn started showing up in Jake and my bed more and more often. At first we didn't think much of it. He tends to go through phases where he's in with us and then he'll be completely in his own bed all night long. We don't push and know that it only lasts a few days or so.

But a few nights ago I realized something. Aedyn has outgrown his baby blankets. They're just not big enough for him to cuddle to his chin and still be covered. It wasn't an issue til his most recent growth spurt.

So it's time for a big boy blanket. For the next couple weeks he's using a cuddly throw of mine, I'm just not comfortable putting a twin size blanket on a toddler bed; too much fabric. But at some point before we move we're going to go pick out sheets and blankets for their new beds.

Both my boys will be moving into big boy beds with big boy blankets...bittersweet.

How have you made transitions in you family? Do you ever get caught off guard by the little "milestones" like growing out of baby blankets?

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