20 October 2011

It's a Good Thing...

...that I didn't schedule this post.

Because the story you would have heard up until 3 days ago is entirely different from the one you would hear today.

Three days ago my almost 1 year-old was only nursing at night. Except for an occasional snack in the mid-afternoon he was completely day-weaned. The fact that his snack was occasional was making me pretty uncomfortable on the days he skipped it, so I tweeted to my #BFCafe ladies for opinions and advice. Should I make an effort to cut out the snack completely or make an effort to have him nurse mid-afternoon every day?

I got the answer I knew what I would get, do what feels right for you. There is no right answer, do what you want to do.

Then yesterday happened. Jaron and I are both down with some sort of allergy thing. Just very runny noses, no infection, just annoyance. And he is NURSING. A LOT.

Soooo. I don't know where we are and I'm not likely to figure it out until he is feeling and breathing better.

Maybe he'll go back to being day weaned, maybe not. Either way he'll still be nursing at night for awhile yet.

My goal with both boys has always been at least 18 months before fully weaning them. So we've got another 6 months to go, at least.

Some days I feel so burnt out by the end of the day I'm just ready to be done now...but I know I'll regret forcing him before he's ready. So we'll keep truckin'.

And this is me, checking in with all the others at the weekly Breastfeeding Blog Hop. How are you doing? Are you just getting started? Finished awhile ago? Somewhere in the middle? Share your story!!


  1. My daughter is also just under a year and I thought she was weaning herself completely.  She stopped nursing much during the day for two days and then slept through the night with only ONE feeding at 4am.  I was terrified.  The last two days?  She's been glued to my boob....and she's not even sick!  Babies are such fickle creatures!

  2. I'm at the latter stages of weaning my daughter, and I know how you feel.  Some days I'm just ready to go cold turkey, others I can't imagine how we'll ever really quit.  She is 15 months old, and we have surpassed our goal by 3 months.  We had a really rough patch at 11 - 12 months, but at this point, I'm just waiting for her to decide she's done.  Good luck with whatever lies ahead for you!!

  3. Yeh I'm like you in that I think the end is getting closer - and it's like oh he hasn't asked for ages - and then he wants it a lot more. It is nice to know how much we can help when they are ill though isn't it.


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