26 November 2011

2 weeks? Or 3?

2 weeks. It seems like a lifetime. Or has it been 3? Either way I'm finally feeling balanced enough to carve out some time and get this blog back to where it should be. Thanks for sticking with me through all of this!


Happy Thanksgiving!! Jaron napped up to be ready for our big meal, while Aedyn crashed immediately afterward...at least they got full tummies and good rest!

The boys are doing pretty well, Jaron's starting to get a little less clingy and used to things, he seems to deal with change and stress immediately. Aedyn is starting to get over his excitement about the new place and is testing boundaries big time. He hasn't had anymore potty accidents since the first week here, but has broken down crying a couple times to go to his "white house" or "old house."  It breaks my heart when he cries for that.

Now I'm thinking about adding to our family. No, I'm not pregnant. I'm wanting a puppy. A house dog, A little dog. Probably won't happen. Mostly because I'm picky and we're not yet in a financial position to pay the apartment fees and all of the new puppy costs like vaccines, bed, toys, adoption costs/price. So I'll wait. Maybe we'll get fish...

Christmas decorations go up this weekend, woohoo! I love this time of year and am so excited to decorate and start baking! I'll be posting about all of that as the weeks go by, stay tuned for my favorite things and recipes!!

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