23 November 2011

Dear Bloggy...

Dear Poor Little Neglected Blog,

I never dreamed that moving could take so much out of a person.

Boys' room - in progress
I consider myself quite the accomplished mover; having done so 23 or 24 times in my 27 years on this earth (the ones before I turned 2 I'm a little fuzzy on). However, moving with 2 toddlers is a whole other ball of wax!

As if keeping up with my angels *coughchokecough* wasn't enough, someone forgot to tell the cooking, dish washing, and laundry fairies about my change of address. Then the boys have been super clingy because of all the change, most days I just battle until I can get them out of the house and away from all the boxes that they aren't supposed to get into or climb on.

Jake's been helping out when he's home, but the restaurant is just starting into the busy season and taking time off isn't an option right now. And my parents were taking the boys, but they're work schedules both picked up this week too. AHHHH!

So, my goal has changed. It used to be to get the bedrooms set up and perfect and work my way out into the main living area, I thought I could keep from putting off dealing with the actual contents of the boxes if I were constantly stumbling over them. But now I need my kitchen, dining room, and living room for Thanksgiving Dinner...

Master Bath - just enough done to make it work for now
I'm off now to start building a fort in Jake's and my bedroom, not nearly as exciting as it sounds...and put whatever else I can into the storage closets...wish me luck!

Maybe I should have asked before we moved, but anyone have thoughts or tips on moving with toddlers???


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