19 December 2011

Family by Choice : Adoption Questions

I've been browsing the DCF website this morning. I never even knew they had a list of waiting children on there until a few days ago when a friend mentioned it. Just looking.

Jake and I know we want to adopt. Our family plan is to have 4 and adopt 2. That's not something we negotiated, but we both came into our marriage having thought the same numbers for many years.

So that decided we have a lot more questions.

When? Not now. Our apartment isn't big enough for another child, but when our lease is up do we look for a place big enough for 5, 6, 7, or 8 people?

How old? We both know that we'd rather take an older child than a baby. At least I think so. If I end up birthing 4 boys, a baby or toddler girl would be very welcome. My big question is: Do I want to adopt a child older than Aedyn?

Lots of questions this morning and I'm sure they won't end soon.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with fostering and adoption, most of our friends have done international adoption instead of local, so we'd love any insight you can share.


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