27 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!


I hope most of ya'll were able to slow down from chasing little ones around and enjoy the holiday.

I hit the jackpot this year when my sister-in-law came for Christmas. She wanted to spend time with the boys and they wanted to show off and play with her, so I actually got to clean and sit and read or do nothing for a bit or take a shower by myself. It was wonderful!

I have also discovered how to get the boys to play with a variety of toys. I decide to see how something new works, never fails, one or both of them will be over in less than 30 seconds to take it away for me. Go figure.

This is the first year that Aedyn really got the idea of presents and because he had an example Jaron was pretty into it all too. We've tried and will continue trying to emphasize what they are giving more that what they get and I'm looking forward to next year when Aedyn might be able to start really making some of the gifts he gives.

As much as I love all the holidays at the end of the year I'm very much looking forward to settling in and finding a "normal" for the next few months...


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