13 December 2011

Mommy Fail - Kick the Habit

I had a mega Mommy Fail this week.

When we moved Aedyn started biting his nails. He's never done anything like that before and has never attached to any sort of security object other than my hair, but I fight hard against my nail biter tendencies and I don't want him to develop the habit.

Jake and I talk and I decided that the best route would be to nip it in the bud. During the day I offer him a Teething Bling Bangle as an alternative, he loves it and it seems to be working well. But that hasn't changed him biting as he falls asleep.

So I got a nail bite/thumb sucking remedy called Kick the Habit. (It works, just better/worse than I bargained for...)

Before bed a couple nights ago I tried to even his nails up and then painted them with KTH. Mommy Fail #1.

Then, because I didn't want him to be alone, I painted mine too. Mommy Fail #2.

First, Aedyn didn't realize his fingers were what was tasting bad so he kept trying to wipe his tongue off with his hands. The result was me cleaning the bathroom as Aedyn splashed in the bathtub while recovering from throwing up his entire dinner. At least it was in the bathroom and Jaron was asleep...

Then about 3am I realized that I had effectively tied my hands as far as doing anything with Jaron's mouth. Including breaking his latch after his night time nursing session, at least I realized this before I tried it!I found out the next morning that  I also couldn't touch any food or skin without transferring the taste.

Mommy Fail #3. I accidentally touched my lips. Yeah, wouldn't blame Jake if he never kissed me again.

My lips tasted like KTH for the whole day after and continue to taste horrible anytime I accidentally touch them 2 days later. Which is interesting since you're supposed to reapply twice a day...I definitely did not think it would last so long!

Aedyn is doing alright, I had to put gloves on his hands so he didn't wake himself up by putting his fingers in his mouth and tasting KTH. Wish I had thought of that 2 hours sooner and skipped the KTH.

I'm still paying for this one...I tried nail polish remover to get it off, which is what the company recommends, but no luck.

Anyone have any tips or methods for keeping a not-quite-three-year-old from biting his nails? Anything more natural that the stuff you paint on? I'd appreciate the input, obviously I haven't done so well on my own with this one!

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