09 February 2012

Raising My Husband's Son

Sometime soon I'll share the story about what happened during the 7 years between when Jake and I first met and when we got married, but suffice it to say that I had a lot of time to think about my decision.

Call it my upbringing that caused me to turn down any boy who asked me out if I didn't think I could marry them. Or call it my personality that doesn't want to waste time on relationships that aren't going anywhere. Either way when I met Jake I was 15 and had already had an idea of what I wanted my husband to be like for years. Doesn't every girl?

Any guy who asked me out had to be able to withstand and meet my high standards. And I looked for two main things.

1) Am I ok with him treating me the same way he treats his mother and his sister(s)?

2) Am I ok with my son turning out just like his father?

Now no man is perfect, but the answer to both questions was a definite yes when it came to Jake

Now I'm wondering if #2 was the right one.

My husband is strong-willed, determined, passionate, and artistic. He has had 33 years to turn those aspects into a personality that many people admire.

33 years.

Aedyn is 3. That means that I have another 30 years to go!

And it's wearing me out. Taking the raw drives and personality facets and helping guide them into a man who can look in the mirror and be content and proud of who he is and what he does, is a lot of work!

I would never trade my husband or child for anyone else in the world, but sometimes when Aedyn's in the midst of testing limits (for 23rd time that day) I wonder if they couldn't have at least a small amount of blah or boring in their personalities...

I have a new respect and appreciation for my mother-in-law right now...and I guess if she survived the original then I can survive version 2.0!

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