09 February 2012

It's Time To Potty! Again...

Well, Jaron has decided he's done with diapers.

It's been a battle at every changing for a few weeks, but that's pretty typical of this age. But yesterday during the middle of it, I told him that he had to wear a diaper until he could use the potty.

His response? "Potty!" and he took off running for the bathroom. Have I mentioned lately that he's only 15 months old?

But he's also woken up dry every morning (usually about 11 hour nights) for the past week. Sooo, after talking, Jake and I have decided to go with it and see what happens. He wore regular underwear today and didn't have a wet accident at all while we were home. I took him potty every half hour to an hour.

I tried to be excited and make a big deal about how cool it was. He looked at me and smiled condescendingly. Yup.

So the big question in our house today: what do I cover his bottom with? I'm definitely not comfortable letting him leave the house in underwear, but I don't want to force him back into diapers either.

I have a set of Flip Trainers, but they are waaay too big on his little 19lb self and just fall off as he's walking around. The FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers fit him well, but at $16-$20 each that's just not in my budget right now (but I'm very grateful for the one I won a few months back!).

I'm considering making some from scratch and also converting some pairs of underwear into trainers with a layer of PUL and several layers of flannel in the wet zone. Interestingly, most training pants are too big for him, but his brother's size 2T underwear actually fit...

I hope this sticks, having him potty trained before even starting another baby would make my life a lot easier! I want to help him as much as I can, but I'm promising myself not to get frustrated if the whole process takes awhile. Of course if he does learn this early then I'm going to have to figure out what to do with my cloth diaper addiction until the next one comes along!

What's the earliest you would consider potty training? Share your thoughts and come join me on Google+, Facebook, and/or Twitter!


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