27 April 2012

Four Years of Marriage ~ We More Than Just Made It

It has taken me three days and multiple attempts to write this post. Between being up all night, dealing with allergies, my fourth wedding anniversary and having to wrangle two very much not sleeping babies it's a wonder I've got five minutes to sit down now!

Today was our 4th wedding anniversary. It seems like forever ago that I was walking down the aisle. And we took off on the whirlwind that became our life.

Exactly 9 months and 1week later we welcomed Aedyn into the insanity. A cross country move. A house. Jaron. A job promotion. And a cross town move and here we are.

While I gripe and complain about Jake's work hours and how tired him is most of the time. I don't say often enough how much I appreciate and respect him for doing what he has to do in order to take care of us.

We were spoiled, in a way, during his time of unemployment. He got to spend every day with us, he cooked, he cleaned, we just lived. Money was tight, but we were happy, we were together.

I know he would have loved nothing more than to keep things that way. But we couldn't live off of unemployment forever. So he got a job and slowly began spending more time away.

I hate that we can't have the best of both worlds.

Every time one of the boys does something new and Jake doesn't know for a day or two I'm struck by how much he has sacrificed. Aedyn learning to unbuckle his own carseat. Jaron being able to sing most of the ABC's. Those are just the most recent.

Throw in the fact that he still thinks I look like a million bucks and more even after 2 kids and 60 extra pounds; yup, I picked a good one.

I have a wonderful husband. And I love him. I'm proud of him and am so thankful for him. Happy Anniversary Honey! Four years down and a million more to go!

Consider this my brag post for the week, by the way, we spent our anniversary shopping for me appropriate "Professional Attire" for an event next week and then he took me to the Melting Pot for supper. He's good.

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