23 April 2012

Manic Mommy Monday ~ Breathe in the Pollen

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Ahhh, Spring! After thinking that winter skipped Florida completely and we just had a limbo season of slightly less hot before summer took hold about 3 weeks ago, today is refreshing to say the least.

I've got all the doors propped open and enjoying the wind tunnel they create. I'd open the windows too, but we live on the second floor and I know both boys would be trying to lean out...not worth the worry. The stuffy nose is. I'm not sure what it is about filling my house with pollen that the outside air brings, but the house feels cleaner...could also be that we spent the morning picking up and my hubby did the sink-full of dishes, but I credit the fresh air coursing through the apartment.

Look by the big black rock
We also have babies! I posted a few weeks ago about our mama fish issues, and my hope that our not-quite-balanced-balance would keep them de-stressed enough to actually drop the fry. (Yup, that's me sounding technical.) I have no idea which mama they belong to since none of them look any thinner, but oh well, maybe in a couple days they'll lose the belly before they turn up pregnant again. Another fishy fun fact, females will store milt (sperm) from the males and can use it up to 8 months later to fertilize eggs.

It's harder to find the babies today than it was yesterday, so either they've gotten better at hiding or some of them have been eaten. I'm not really sure which I prefer. Of course I'm feeding the big fish extra and trying to give the little ones a shot at life, but if they survive it means I'm going to have to either give them away (work) or throw them in the pond where they'd be food for bigger fish. Neither option particularly appeals to me, but I guess that what I get for being irresponsible about what type of fish I bring home.

Since the Great Cloth Diaper Change is over (and was a great success, more on that tomorrow) Jaron is officially out of diapers. We may still use them at night for awhile as insurance and to give us more training pants to have ready during the day, but 90% of the time he stays dry through the night and for the past few days has had 0-1 accident per day. He still takes a lot of reminding, but he also asks/tells us when he needs to go some of the time.

Aedyn has been handing out some prize winning attitude this week. We're trying to curb that. Most of it is talking back when we tell him to do something, or rationalizing whey he shouldn't do it. Throw in a good dose of ignoring anything said to him that he doesn't like with a side of outright defiance and you have a good idea of what our house has been like. He also frequently tells me that he loves me and I'm his best friend...I'll be glad when that side of him is back in control of his body more often!

Jake worked 60 hours in restaurant this week, plus several hours from home. Frustrating and tiring on all of us, but he's really trying to get ahead so he can take some vacation time next month. So we're digging our heels in and trying to make the best of it.

I'm making some slow but steady progress on the project I've been working on and am working out a few of the kinks. Jake and I are also going to try and sit down and figure out exactly what we can finance out of pocket, how much I can do without money, and ways to pick up some financing. Fun fun fun!

That's about it for this week! I have two little boys to get to bed, so check out some other Manic Mommy Posts and link up your own!

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  1. Officially out of diapers?! That sounds amazing. And sad too, haha. 


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