31 May 2012

Let The Hurricanes Come!

June 1st. 100 degrees Fahrenheit forecasted. 3 weeks till the first day of summer.

The first day of Hurricane Season.

As most Eastern Coastal dwellers, especially Floridians can tell you. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. But that's just a suggestion.

We've seen them in December, and this year we've already had 2 named storms before the end of May; Alberto & Beryl.

They receive their names the moment that they weather system is classified as a Tropical Storm, when the winds reach 39mph (What qualifies as a Tropical Storm versus Hurricane). If you want to know what the names will be for this year's storms and the process of naming them, check out this link.

Of course, occasionally everyone will be surprised by storms like the one last year that will forever be remembered as "The Storm That  Was Never Named" but did more damage than many named storms that we've seen.

When we moved back to Florida with kids I didn't even think about hurricanes; until the season started. Then it was just worries about how we couldn't afford all the things we needed for a disaster kit.

This year was the first year that we've actually had a little stashed in savings, so yesterday we went shopping! We got the the pricey items  first and over the next few paychecks will be adding water and some more non-perishable foods. I'm still debating if I really need duplicate first aid items just fr the kit or not. Maybe that will be next year's addition.

I'm relieved though, because with such a mild winter, and the last few seasons being so devoid of storms making landfall in our area; I'm just not sure how much longer Central Florida's luck will hold. It's nice to know that we have what we need if we are without power and water for a few days.

And yes, because I could, I made everything match. The red container, the red lantern, the red emergency radio (that will use solar or crank power and charge our cell phones!) and I ordered a red flashlight online. I'm trying to figure out if I can justify buying new blankets to match instead of just using the ones in our closet. Probably not...unless I find a good clearance sale.

Are you prepping for Hurricane Season? What things are on your must-have list for your disaster kit?

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