04 June 2012

Manic Mommy Monday ~ So We Didn't Move

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I got pretty excited on Saturday. When I went to our leasing office to drop off our rent, I casually asked if any 3 bedroom units might be coming available soon. I was shocked when the manager said that she'd had someone move out the day before. (I really figured the answer would be no.)

We're not in dire need for the extra space, but we're a family of 4 with the plan to be a family of 5 in the not too distant future and having 3 bedrooms instead of two would be nice. The baby would be in our room for probably a year, but especially with three kids into things, having an office/sewing area that could be locked would be amazing!

So I hopped online and got all the information, rent increase, unit location. And I saw that there were actually 2 listed. We'd get to pick!

When we walked over to the building that both units were in, we weren't completely thrilled with the locations, but the one on the second floor might have worked.
My new jewelry set up...
so much I wasn't wearing because I never saw it!

The first floor apartment was right up against the parking lot. As in, our porch was less than a foot from the curb and the boys' bedroom window would be only 4ft from any car parked there. Add the noise and headlights shining into our bed rooms. It just wasn't right for us.

So we decided that we'd go with the 2nd floor unit.

We decided a day too late. It was taken.

So, we didn't move. We won't be moving for at least another 2-3 months (there's a 60 day notice here, we'd know if something were to come up).

But, since I was in the moving mindset, I actually did what I should've done 5 months ago. I unpacked and started decorating Jake's and my room. What a novelty!

It is so nice to go to sleep and wake up in a room that is not filled with boxes and piles of...stuff.

Of course, the rest of the house fell into chaos since the boys were less supervised than normal. I know that won't last for long though, even if I don't get to it right away the next time someone comes over I'll get the mess picked up. Maybe.

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