07 May 2012

Manic Mommy Monday - Manic Mommy Tuesday -Sunday

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This week is going to be different. Jake will be at a conference out of town for most of the week and my parents will be out of town at my cousin's graduation. That means it's me. And the boys.

And a friend of mine who has already agreed to watch them one night while I'm at a social media event. God bless her.

And I decided at the end of last week to cut back from my all-day consumption of Coca Cola Classic to one serving a day. It had actually gotten to the point where Coke didn't even taste good to me, but nothing else sounded like it would taste good. Water made me sick to my stomach (still does unless it's ice cold). So it's time to give it up. Probably good thing to do anyway, better than having to do it after I get pregnant.

On that note, I was slightly less disappointed at the appearance of my monthly visitor this month since I got to try out a Lunette Cup for the first time. It's great! Took a few days to figure everything out, but by the end of last week I was sold. I'll probably do a review post sometime soon, but I highly recommend the Lunette for anyone thinking about trying a reusable menstrual cup. (Never thought I'd be recommending that kind of product!)

Jaron had a slight setback with potty training. He was doing so well, and I pushed him too hard to use the potty at a restaurant last weekend. He freaked out and then wouldn't use the potty all week. Of course, tonight he didn't want to go to bed so he kept telling me potty. We went a couple times and then I said no more. Two seconds later he tells me "Mommy, diaper wet. Diaper, pease." Sure enough, it has about a teaspoon of wetness in it. Repeat that twice. Time to pull out the big motivators and just get him trained, the cute little manipulator.

Guess that's about it for this week. Lots of goals about getting the house in order while hubby is out of town...we'll see if they get met!

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