11 June 2012

I Messed With A Good Thing ~ Washing Cloth Diapers

I wanted new detergent to go with my new dipes...
I had a really good thing going.

My diaper routine. I had no stink issues, no ammonia issues. It was perfect.

Prefolds, Flats, and Covers.

Vinegar and Arm & Hammer Detergent.

Wash. Rinse 3 times. Dry.

And then I decided that it wasn't good enough.

I wanted to use real cloth diaper detergent.

I wanted pretty, exclusive scents.

I wanted to say, "Hey, I'm cool, I use ____________."

Yeah. Big mistake.

I researched my options, I bought a bag of what I thought would be the best given my water type.

And my diapers have gotten worse and worse.

Ammonia problems.

Stink issues.

I've tried everything that the detergent told me to do (yes, my detergent speaks to me).

And I'm going back to my old routine. Besides that fact that my old method cost half as much per package and lasts longer that the cloth diaper specific, it's way too much work and stress!

Why, Why, Why did I have to mess with a good thing?

1 comment:

  1. I stay far far away from CD detergents, though I do splurge on the plant derived fabric softeners for the smell and softness factor. If you got a good thi going (and cheaply), stick with it.


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