10 June 2012

Manic Mommy Monday ~ Rain, Rain, Rain

Waiting on the rain to go away...
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We haven't done a whole lot this week.

The rain has all the outdoor playgrounds soggy and all the indoor playgrounds filled with rambunctious kids who knock Jaron down and teach Aedyn things that he doesn't need to know for another couple years at least.

The bad weather has also sapped my energy and patience by a lot.

But on the upside, Jaron is back potty training has anywhere from a 50-100% success any given day.

I've hit a bit of a road block on my move to Wordpress. For some reason my computer will not let me load the pages consistently. Sometimes they will load, I will change things hit save and then the page refreshes and can't be found. It happens in Chrome, IE, and Firefox. It doesn't happen on any other computer. Very frustrating.

I was planning on borrowing Jake's in the mornings before he heads to work, but a couple days ago he installed Windows 8. It's not ideal, so now I'm waiting on him to wipe the computer and reinstall  Windows 7, so hopefully I'm be able to actually get things done and make the move before my Momcomm critique June 20th. No pressure there.

So tonight I give up...this week is full of appointments and activity but hopefully that means I'll get more done!

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  1. Computer issues frustrate me so much! I sent you a package today :)

  2. Computer issues SUCK! I know. I just had to replace mine a few weeks ago to be able to finish school. Ugh. Good luck on the rest of the week.

  3. They do! I know! I can't wait to get it!!!

  4. I'm hoping a replacement is in our near future! Thanks!


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