19 August 2010

The Great Clean Up

We're headed to Tampa this weekend, yay! It'll be a great chance to connect with some new friends and meet some newer ones and be a wonderful break from this side of the state. Have I started packing? No. Normally by this point I would have Aedyn's and my suitcase already laid out and half packed so that I don't forget anything, but this time not so much. Granted, it's only an overnight trip, but I know me and I'm less likely to forget something if I've been planning and packing for the 3 days prior. Who wants to buy a new toothbrush when yours is only 3 measly hours away?

In all honesty, it has alot to do with the lack of clean laundry and a laundry room. But now, thanks to my wonderfully talented husband, our laundry room is functional and I am remedying the clothing cleanliness issue. After some errands this afternoon I should be ready to start the packing process.

That leads us to the rest of the house. I'm not sure whether this is a personality quirk or deeply ingrained training from my mom, but I can't stand to come home from an overnight trip to a cluttered, messy house. I get completely deflated when I walk in from a great trip and see all the things that I have to still do. I almost would rather not go in the first place than have to come home and deal with all the crud that's still there.

Sitting here writing this it occurs to me that this same quirk is probably very much responsible for my dislike of camps, retreats, and conferences. Yeah, they're all great, you learn alot and have some awesome experiences, but then you have to come home. The problems, habits, and consequences of past actions or inaction are still there and still have to be dealt with. For what I've seen 90% of people allow the messy rooms back home to completely nullify the experiences and lessons of the past week or weekend...I just wonder if it's worth it?

So, while I finish the laundry, clean the floors, oversee the dishes, and scrub the toilet, I will be trying to clean up the areas in my life that have gotten sloppy over the last few months. I'm not going to a conference or retreat or any other event, but I'd be a fool to think that God isn't going to do something this weekend on some level. I'd rather have already evaluated and start working on the visible messiness in my life so that cleaning the tile grout with a toothbrush doesn't seem as impossible as it does when the the whole bathroom needs to be scoured. (Although I think I'll save the literal grout cleaning for when I'm trying to knock myself into labor in a few weeks!)


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