11 August 2010

Potty Training: Day 6

Training Tip #217 (just sounded like a good random number) -- Puppy training pads! I put them between the mattress pad and the sheet. Washing the pad by hand in the tub got old after the first time, so I started thinking about something that would protect the mattress protector. Found a package we had in the back room and the lightbulb went off. They do a great job, and now if there's an accident in bed I only have to wash the sheet.

Night #6: A managed to stay dry for 11 hours, but wasn't able to make it to the potty in time this morning. This seems to be our most common issue, so I'm trying to decide if there's anything that can be done. I'm pondering trying to wake up about 15 min before he does and get him up and take him, but haven't fully considered the long term effects/results of it.

Day #6: We were all up extra early this morning, the plumber came to run the drain and water lines to our laundry room, yay, no more hand-washing all the little underwear!!! So Aedyn was still a little sleepy and leaning up against my leg. Scene as follows:
      A: Mama, potty....
      Me: (feels warm trickle down MY ankle) Well, I guess you warned me...
The rest of the day gets a so-so rating; about an equal number of hits and misses. Of course for most of the day we were at my parents house and it's a little more difficult for him to just go on his own since we don't have a little potty chair there.


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