06 January 2011

So what? They're MASHED!

I had the greatest epiphany in the kitchen (well, dining room) while I was chopping up potatoes for mashed potatoes to go with dinner. They're MASHED potatoes. I'm not sure where I picked it up (maybe from my mom, my aunt, and my grandmother) but I have always thought that in chopping up potatoes they needed to be uniform cubes and it really has bothered me in the past when mine don't end up like the perfectly square cubes that all my female relatives seem to be so adept at making. But today, I realized, I'm boiling them, then I'm going to mash them into a mush so much that who's going to know if they're not perfect cubes! AHA! So I hacked up a potato without slicing it into quarters, and you know what, it'll probably taste just fine. Granted I made sure that none of the pieces were too big or thick, but if one piece is a triangle and another's more oval shaped, who cares? I don't anymore...

Anyway, in other news.

J is tall and slender (sounds better than thin), 11lbs and 23.75"; that's 85%ile for length...good to know he's as long as he is tall and 25% for weight, his head cir. is around 25%ile too, so we're good there too. Otherwise he's perfect. Smiled and talked to the nurse, then we got to see a sight that he rarely shows. He gets mad...and he stays mad for a long period of time. The Dr. looked in his mouth...dun, dun,duh. Yeah, trigger, "I will not let you calm me down" screams. He was ticked and the whole office was going to know about it. Well, after about 8 min of screaming, he finally calmed down and then the nurse walked in to give him shots and here we go again. The huge downside of a child who only wants to nurse when he's hungry is that you can't comfort nurse to get him to stop crying. Nothing worked...except walking out of the office. Not the exam room, the entire office. Maybe it was the air temp change in the hallway, or maybe he knew we were gone, but not until we were fully checked out and the door closed behind us did this child stop screaming. Then he was fine and went right off to sleep. Go figure. Did have a rough time that evening, just fussy and restless, but we took the Sleepy Wrap and went for a walk at the mall and he settled. Only slept 6 hours straight instead of the 8 that's his norm, but who am I to complain?

A's still having his moments, but now bedtimes AND naptimes are not included in those. YAY!! We go through our routines and then he lays on his bed and talks to himself (at night) or will get down and get a book and take it back to bed with him (nap) and then drift off to sleep. After some of the shenanigans he's pulled in the past it's really nice to have him to this point!

And I don't have to empty a litter box anymore!!!! WOOHOO!! I've had my cat for almost 5 years now, 3 of those she's lived in the same house as Jake.  After an EXTREMELY rough start it seemed like they were hating each other less. Until I went to the hospital to have Jaron. She got tense and nervous and when Jake accidentally backed her into a corner while putting her food down she flipped. She will now outright attack him if she feels cornered or like he's following her. Even on good days she avoids him like the plague. Well after a couple attacks and then Jake going in to kiss A goodnight and pray over him, while Risa was under the bed and her growling and hissing the whole time he was in the room we decided that something had to change. So I tried finding her another home, no go...so I looked into no kill shelters, all full. So we're in the process of moving her outside. She has HATED the outdoors for the longest time, but she seems to be adapting. I still feed her inside and she's in the house at night for the moment, but as soon as I get her shots caught up shell be outside full time. It's alot more peaceful around here now that Jake doesn't have to live his life and move around the house wondering if he'll end up with a stream of blood running down his leg on his way to the bathroom in the morning.

And (the day keeps getting better) I have a new phone! After dousing my old one in tea two weeks ago and sticking it in a bag of rice it dried out and functioned, but not without some issues. Plus, it's upgrade time! So I'm now the proud owner of a Droid, the HTC Aria to be specific. I've had it for a whole 5 hours now... and so far I like it. still trying to figure out all the quirks of a touchscreen, but it shall be done!!!


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