25 April 2011

Life Begins Again

Life as normal. Craziness. Website started. Business going. We changed the Great Cloth Diaper. Easter came and went. Boys grew. Life.

That was our last 10 days.

In reverse...

 Easter was great. We started a new tradition of Easter dinner/modified seder to help the boys understand more about the real meaning and traditions of Easter. it was definitely our guinea pig year, but I think we're off to a good start.

On Saturday Jaron and I participated in The Great Cloth Diaper Change. At exactly 12:30pm EDT 26 cloth diapers were changed at Wickham Park and around 10,000 worldwide. Out Australian participants were up at 2:30am! Talk about commitment! Actual numbers are pending documentation and validation by Guinness World Records. It was so cute to see so many fluffy little bottoms in one place :) For those interested, Jaron went from a Kawaii pocket into a Grovia AI2. We were even in the newspaper! (Well, we're in the picture anyway...)

Milk Bubbles is kind of in hover mode. I ordered some promo materials that should be here this week. We've got a domain name, a basic website kind of started (that's this week's goal), and we're starting to look at different types of hosting and shopping carts. So checkout www.shopmilkbubbles.com and then head over to Facebook and check us out over there too!

1 comment:

  1. I am so impressed by your ambition and attention to detail with the milk bubbles shop and everything. I really hope it takes off for you. :)


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