30 April 2011

Teething Chronicles

Night 1: Tonight I decided to take drastic measures to let Mama know something is really wrong here. Not sure what is going on but my mouth HURTS! She keeps asking if my "tooth" is hurting, with her record that's robaby it, whatever a tooth is, it needs to go away NOW. For the first time n my 5 months here on earth I'm not getting any sleep at night, oh well, at least Mama's up too, she's good company.

Night 2: It's been 10 days since my first tooth came in. Apparently it invited friends and they're showing up late to the party. Mama was such good company last week that I invited her to help me welcome the other guest in my mouth. So far it's been hours and they still haven't made it.

Night 3: Still waiting. I kept telling Mama all evening long to make them hurry up. My brother is a pretty good distraction during the daytime, but once he goes to bed it seems like all I can think about are these teeth things. I guess it's good thing that stuff like clean dishes, clean laundry, and a clean house mean nothing to Mama, she's spending more quality time with me and also eagerly anticipating this new guy's arrival. Hope Papa feels the same way when he runs out of underwear.

Night 4: Well I was able to get some sleep last night, but I know Mama missed our quality time, so I'm making up for it this evening. This other tooth must have decided to take the scenic route. I decided that I needed to rest, but I also don't want to miss his arrival so I put Mama on guard duty. I check in occasionally. So far every 30 min to 1 hour seems sufficient, funny how waiting on party guests always makes you hungrier than when you're just chilling out on your own. Mama's keeping my drink ready for me for when I check in with her. She's nice like that.

...to be continued...


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