25 May 2011

Change is in the Air! HELP!

And no, not another diaper change...although speaking of which, I do need to go get tonight's diapers washed. However, I digress.

Tonight and tomorrow I'm going to be making some changes to the blog, hopefully making it easier to read, easier to follow, navigate, etc.

Sooo, if you happened to be in between posts when I played with margin widths a bit ago, oops, sorry!

What I'd really love is to get some feedback. Is there something that just isn't working? Something that you don't want to see changed? Any tips that worked for you or lessons learned?

I eagerly await your opinions and suggestions!


  1. Love the F&HWC posts! Love how you upped the anti! Great idea!
    I'll probably end up linking to you in a later post somewhere.
    Now for the critique... The blue is cute & all but the blue on blue is kinna hard to read. It also runs into the sidebar, which makes it even more difficult. Maybe if you put white behind the posts and left the blue background behind your sidebar?
    Your Blog title is cute :) I can see so many possible images for that...
    What do you think of the look of my blog? Any suggestions? I'm froginstitches.blogspot.com :D

  2. Love the new look! :) the blue accents are really nice looking :)

    Have you thought about not having so many posts on the bar? How about trying the "Link within" Widget? It has really helped my views since I added it. People stay longer. It's the posts that show up at the bottom of each post. The "You may also like" thing.. here is link :D


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