25 May 2011

It's a Zoo around here! Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 3

Mama, it's hot!

Decided to get even more adventurous yesterday and took the boys to the zoo with some friends. We were only there a couple hours, so I was able to get by without having to try and change a diaper in an outdoor restroom. Honestly, if it weren't for the pins, I wouldn't care! I want my Snappi back! ::insert 2 year-old whine:: BUT I did discover a new perk!

The poncho case (from the poncho I cut up to make covers, on Day 1), works as a GREAT diaper/cover bag.
Poncho case containing, 1 purple  cotton sateen bedsheet flat, 1 navy flannel bedsheet flat, and 1 cut down poncho cover.

Now, Day 3 of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge!

Apparently, day two of a burn is worse than the first. My hands were killing me from the scalding they received on Day 1. Live and learn! So for washing I used my diaper pail and a slotted spatula for agitation, no pics of this, because I was just trying to get it done and out of the way. It worked. Drying was worse than before, going on 18 hours of drying and we've still got some dampness in the intact t-shirt and the towel is still VERY wet. And to top it off DH and I realized that there really isn't a place to put up a clothesline outside that won't be a TON of work. Soooo, going to try and find some other places around the house tonight that are better ventilated.

TERRY CLOTH! You love it or you hate it. It seemed like a great idea for a diaper, absorbent and soft! An excellent diaper, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. I chose my towel because it was small, not very thick and it was already used more to clean up messes than to dry off bodies.

I used the origami fold. No matter what fold, it was going to be too bulky to put a cover over, unless I cut out a larger one than the two poncho covers I already have ready. When I wrapped the sides around I just pinned a few layers as I could since I couldn't gather every layer into the pin. Then I pulled the edges up and tucked in the ends. It actually turned out pretty cute.

So why did it end up on the floor around my son's ankles? My theory is two-fold. 
1) Stretch. As he moved around it wiggled stretched and otherwise loosened.
2) Weight. It is wonderfully absorbent. Probably my favorite fabric of those that I have to use. Unfortunately holding all that liquid added just enough weight and stretched it just enough that the waist of the diaper was suddenly larger than the waist of my son.

Washing. It doesn't dry. Or hasn't anyway. Part of my problem could be that I could not sufficiently wring out the excess water because of my hands. In Central Florida. I just hope it dries before it starts to mold...

I probably should have used something hand towel sized instead of cutting down a bigger towel. Yet again, Live and Learn!


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