24 May 2011

How To: Get a size S diaper from a size XL t-shirt ~ Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 2

Here we are on Day 2 of the Flats & Handwashing Challenge! I need hand lotion! or at least need to dig it out from whatever cabinet it happens to be hiding in after Aedyn's last attempt at moisturizing. Or coconut oil...probably a better bet at this point. After my first round of handwashing in scalding water, my hands are killing me! I pre-washed and then washed the 6 dirty dipes in the bathroom sink then rinsed in the tub. Going to ask hubby today to get my clothesline up somewhere, after 7 hours in the bathroom they're not quite dry. (Thank you Florida humidity!) I'm using my Eco Sprout sample from TGCDC and used 1 tsp in the prewash and 2 tsp in the wash, I figure that's about a Tbsp, I felt that any more than that would be too much for just the 6 diapers, but PLEASE tell me if I'm wrong in either direction.

Today I'm going to give you the ups and downs of converting an XL t-shirt into a S diaper. My little guy is maybe 15lbs soaking wet and my husband is, well, significantly more than that!
My biggest difficulty was with the weight of the fabric/weave. I tested my son's patience to the limit with how long it took me to work the pin through. It took three different folds and 20 min before I finally found something that worked.  Guess I should've used my stuffed stand-in....

T-Shirt time!
Fold Bottom up to just below the neckline
Fold neck and shoulder seam down
Fold bottom corners up
Lay baby in, fold sides around to wrap, fold bottom up and secure with pin
Use leftover flap to tuck up and in to protect little tummies from the closed pin
I probably could have used a different fold if I wasn't so stubbornly set to get the screenprint centered on his bottom. That also resulted in the absorbency being spread around his body instead of having extra layers in the wet zone. Still, it was sufficiently absorbent without a cover and surprisingly contained  poop without any leaks. I couldn't cover up the cuteness, so this is an around the house dipe!

This is an excellent fold that would concentrate more layers in the wet zone!

Tomorrow: Terry cloth towel diaper and why I'm looking at my son standing there with it around his ankles!


  1. That rocks!!!!! I love how you did the t-shirt! I would be set to have the print on the rear, too! Awesome.

    As for washing your flats- awesome job! Try using rubber gloves to help keep from scalding your hands and use a toilet brush to create turbulence instead of using your hands. I burnt my hands last week while handwashing even with my gloves on... I was trying to make it faster by not using the toilet brush (bad idea my hands died).

    My diapers took a long time to dry, too, OUTSIDE, brought them in and they dried in an hour! So today I am going to shoot for laying them on the fence in the sun and see if it helps...

  2. Oh! That shirt folding into a flatfold is awesome!

  3. @Natural Momma

    I definitely should have known better about the hand thing!

    I'm really trying to make do without having to go buy anything, but I'll keep the toilet brush idea in the back of my mind.

    I think for tonight I'll break out an old slotted spatula and tongs and we'll see how that goes!

    So crazy that they didn't dry fast outside! Hope today went better for you!

  4. What are you doing for wipes?

  5. @Lyssa

    I was already using baby washcloths and water (maybe a bit of baby soap if he's really dirty), so I've stuck with that.

  6. I wash with yellow dishwashing gloves over my hands and that has really helped! You can put lotion on before using the gloves and it really moisturizes them if you are using hot water. Good luck!


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