08 July 2011

Mommy Superpowers : I feel no pain

Yup, it's highly likely that you have this superpower too (even most dads have this superpower although it tends to be to a lesser extent than the mom version). Thank your hormones for that! A few weeks ago I had been fighting a migraine all day. I finally got both boys to sleep and sat down with my nightly PopTart and milk. By this point the migraine is raging and nothing was working to tame it. Of course, Aedyn woke up crying about 45 minutes later. I hauled myself into his room and picked him up. Immediately my migraine disappeared.
Aedyn had a fever, and a decently high one at that. I worked for the next hour and a half getting him cooled down enough to sleep and then back to bed. That migraine did not come knocking the whole time. It got me thinking, so I did a little hunting around to see if what I'd experienced was normal. Here's your physiology lesson ~ When your baby or child cries, Mommy's body releases a hormone called prolactin, this is the hormone primarily responsible for "mommy intuition." In and of itself it can work as a painkiller, but it also triggers the release of oxytocin as you respond to your child by nursing or otherwise. Oxytocin is a bonding hormone, it's what signals your breasts to let down milk, is responsible for the feeling of being in love, and can be triggered simply by cuddling and caring for your child. Oxytocin is also a natural painkiller. Add this to the stress hormone cortisol, toss in a little adrenaline and you are ready to slam through brick walls and take on a grizzly bear! Ok, maybe the hormone rush isn't quite that good; but it is enough to get you through a crisis and get your baby taken care of. So it's official, you ARE Supermom, and your body helps make that happen! Talk about a pair being made for one another! Follow me on Facebook or Twitter so you don't miss out on any of the Milk Bubbles that just might make your day that much more special!


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