19 September 2011

The Big ONE...what do you do?

It's sneaking up on me. Jaron's first birthday. It's still 6 weeks away, but before I know it, it'll be 2 weeks and I won't have any idea what I'm going to do with him or myself.

Aedyn's 1st Birthday 'Party'
Emotionally, I'll probably just block it out until the day is over and I'm laying in bed nursing him. Then I"ll probably cry. I'll probably rehash our horrible hospital experience and apologize to him yet again and promise him that I'll be even more assertive with his next sibling that comes along. And I'll cuddle him close and think about how it can't possibly have been a year that's gone by. The next day I'm sure there will be some tearful and mushy blog reflecting over the past year and our one year anniversary of breastfeeding. I'm sure there will be pictures...

Party-wise, I'm not a big believer in huge first birthday bashes. Just immediate family, unless someone comes down for a visit, it'll probably just be our little family and my parents, unless my brother's off work and then he'll be here too. We'll do a few decorations, but not a whole lot and I'll make and decorate a cake. He'll have a smash cake too, it's just too fun not to give him that!

Sometimes I wonder if maybe we dont' make a big enough deal out of first birthdays. But it's not as if Jaron will remember it. It's for us to celebrate the past year we've had with him and watching him grow. I don't want to overwhelm and overstimulate and overstress him on his birthday of all things just because I wanted to throw a party.

I don't think that there's always something wrong with a huge party, but it's just not our family style. Second birthdays are a little bit bigger and I think an actual party might be in store for third birthdays for us. We'll see.

What do or did you do or plan on doing? Is your little one a party animal or a small group type? Thoughts on 1 year-old birthday parties?

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