16 September 2011

Your Son Wants to Breastfeed?

By now nearly everyone has heard about the Breastmilk Baby. If you fall outside nearly everyone, this is a doll who starts to make sucking movements when held near a sensor in a halter top that a little girl would wear.

Jake and I talked about it briefly when it first made headlines a few months ago. Neither of us had a problem with the doll, but we agree that $80 for a toy just wasn't going to happen in our family. Then I said, "But would you have a problem getting it for Aedyn? (If it wasn't $80)"  He just looked at me.

I get his point. We have boys. Boys either A. Bring the baby to Mama to eat, or B. Give the baby a bottle.

Once they are taught.

Before that they learn by following an example.

Which is why my 22 month old (at the time) asked to hold his newborn brother and then proceeded to pull up his shirt and say "Baby need eat." and why he tried to nurse his Buzz Lightyear doll.

Now that he's starting to understand that Papa doesn't feed the baby, he does things differently.

First he tried to help me undress because "Baby Jaron need eat", and I was asked to let Buzz Lightyear "eat." Then he settled for helping Jaron eat by holding my breast for him. Now he just waits impatiently until Jaron is ready to get down and start playing again.

But my point is, doll or no doll, boy or girl, children are going to emulate what they see their parents do. And yes, I'm proud that my son wants to breastfeed.

Written as a part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Jen at Life With Levi.


  1. I think it is awesome that Aedyn was so in-tune with how to naturally feed his doll; I'm sure Buzz is a very well taken care of nursling no matter how short he was able to BF! ;D

    I have a friend whose son plays with the baby dolls more than his sister and I think it is great. If I'm lucky enough to have a boy one day, I hope he is the same way. $80 or no, I am glad there is at least one doll that gets its nutrition
    the way mine does. If the only way to eat was through a bottle my child
    would have starved long ago!

  2. I love the new look, Heather! And I can only hope The Gnome will nurse his toys one day LOL.

  3. Awesome!  The twins never noticed my feeding Judah (autism does that) so I've never seen them imitate breastfeeding, even though they were around it endlessly those first 6 months.  Judah is just starting to play with toys other than blocks and rings, so we'll see if he picks up on it (or remembers how he was fed rather).  And yes- $80 is insane for a doll!

  4. You're right it does not matter the gender.  Elijah used to try to undress me and say Levi or Cole needed their breastmilk.  He would also find my breast pump pieces drying on the sink counter and pretend to pump milk all the time. 

  5. Well, all of our dolls and stuffed animals should be fed the proper way!

  6. Thanks! I'm sure he will, he's got you and his future sibling to copy!

  7. Yes! Aedyn was always trying to pump too when I was still pumping...they are so cute!


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