30 December 2011

We've Made It Through...

2 Thanksgivings,

2 Christmases,

Almost 2 New Years,

Groundhog's Day,

President's Day,

Valentine's Day,

Memorial Day,

The Fourth of July,

Veteran's Day...

14 months and going strong.

Through headbutts, pinching, gym-nurse-tics, scratching, biting, too much milk, reverse cycling, all nighters, 14 hour car trips...

Snuggling, cuddling, comforting, snoozing, laughing...

We've made it over a year. It's the one-year anniversary of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop and the support from the other ladies participating had been invaluable. Even though I may not comment on their posts as often as I want to, reading about their experiences and knowing I'm not alone has been a wonderful encouragement! I'm looking forward to a great second year of the Blog Hop!

Check out to the hosts Erin -The Slacker Mom, Marah - Diary of  Devil Dog Wife, send some love to Jen - Life with Levi as she steps down as a host, and say a great big hello to Lori -The Gnome's Mom who'll be stepping up! And be sure to check out all th e other Breastfeeding Blog Hop Posts linked up on their pages!

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