16 February 2012

The History of My Valentine & Me ~ Part 2

Yesterday I posted how Jake and I met and what happened during the first 5 years or so.

During everything that happened, I'd get upset when things weren't working out for us, but I knew that in the end of it all if we were supposed to be together it would happen eventually.

After Jake told me that he could never marry me, I cried, a lot. But I knew he'd change his mind eventually if it was supposed to be.

I graduated college and moved to Puebla, Mexico for a couple years and taught at an international day school. I talked to a couple different guys, but no one I actually dated. I realized at some point that the way I phrased my standards when I'd talk about them made them impossible to be met by anyone but Jake.

As I was coming up on the end of my second year and had to decide whether or not to renew my contract. I got a very interesting MySpace message from Jake. Something I thought I'd never hear even if we got back together one day. He apologized.

He apologized for leading me on, lying to me, and not appreciating my friendship. He didn't expect me to write back. He wrote the message thinking it was some sort of cathartic and then move on type of thing.

He didn't expect me to write back and for a day or so I didn't.

And then I did, telling him of course I forgave him and I'd like to try and be friends again. So we started chatting online and messaging, just getting caught up on the past couple of years.

Then he asked for my phone number, I had a VOIP (voice over internet phone) so although I lived in another country, I had a Florida phone number.

During the early days when I was still in highschool Jake and I emailed and talked on the phone, he would write that he loved me but he never said it out loud. This time I was pretty reserved and specific about how things would go.

I told him I wasn't going to play games this time, if he wanted something he had to tell me. Which he did. And that was my students and friends first clue that something was up, I walked through the school gates humming "I'm Walking On Sunshine."

And I wouldn't let him tell me that he loved me online or over the phone. I still wasn't completely convinced that this would actually pan out. But I hoped...

Well, I thought I'd be able to finish the story today, but there's still quite a bit left, check back on Tuesday for Part 3!


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