13 February 2012

Slightly Crispy or I'm Just Cheap

Fried Avocados ~ Slightly Crispy
It seems like great minds think alike, I've been planning this post for awhile and got preempted by The Gnome's Mom and Shelley at The Pleasantest Things. But here are my thoughts anyway.

I find myself circulating in groups that I never thought I'd be in. "Green," "Crunchy," "Natural." Honestly, the groups I think I fit into better are "Cheap," "Lazy," and "Do It Yourself (also known as 'Really Cheap')"

Sometimes I think that I could easily offend everyone in the world by nursing my 15 month old in public while sitting next to my 3 year old who would be eating a Happy Meal. Because in my life that is a very real possible scenario.

I breastfeed because it's free, I'm still doing it because I'm too lazy to deal with the screaming and rough nights that come with weaning.

I babywear because we couldn't ever afford a swing.

I made my own baby food and practiced baby-led weaning because it was easier to mash up what we had for dinner than deal with tons of half-eaten baby food jars.

I cloth diaper because it's cheaper than disposables. I spent less than $75 on flats, prefolds, and covers. That's all we needed (not to say I haven't bought some cuter types now that we're back on our feet) and it saved us a ton.

I'm considering mama cloth and a menstrual cup because I know they will save me money in the long run, however at the moment the upfront cost is worse than paying a larger amount over a longer stretch of time.

My pantry is full of prepackaged and boxed foods because they're cheap, quick, and easy to make. I do cook, but I really don't enjoy it unless I'm alone in the kitchen (and we all know that that doesn't happen with a 3 and 1 year old).

I use cloth napkins because I get tired of buying so many paper towels.

I vaccinate (except Chicken Pox) on schedule. Including the flu shot.

I use vinegar and baking soda for a lot of things, but when I really want things clean, nothing beats good old bleach.

If certain criteria are met, I spank. I also use time-outs and loss of toys or privileges.

CocaCola is my best friend and my kids drink undiluted juice, occasionally they'll even have something sugary and carbonated.

There you have it. Usually I feel like I have to hide my un-crunchy behaviors when I'm talking to my crunchy friends, but sometimes a girl has just got to air it all out. So I'm airing it.

I'm a good mama and I know it, even if you don't agree with me I'm sure you're probably a good mama (or papa) too. We all do the best for our families and our kids, even if our opinions differ on what that best is. Moms have it hard enough without us making life harder for each other, so I won't knock your choices and please don't knock mine.

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