13 March 2012

It's Time To Potty! The Continuing Story.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how Jaron was showing signs of being ready to potty train.

"You said use the potty...you didn't say 'how' to use it..."
The whole potty training vs. potty learning thing has kind of escaped me. Until I got pregnant with Aedyn everything I'd ever heard about potty training was very directive and had a high success rate in a short amount of time. It was expected that potty training occurred by age 2, or a little after for slow learners.

Even though I understand more about potty learning and am sure that it does work for some families. I'm still in the potty training camp. Training worked well with Aedyn, even though it took longer than I thought it would with him being as strong-willed as he is. I'm glad we did things the way we did and have no regrets (except that I should have taken Star Wars away sooner). The tell all story on his training can be found here.

Jaron was showing a lot of signs of being ready to move out of diapers. He was staying dry through naps and overnight and the biggest one, he went to the potty by himself and used it properly. I moved him into underwear to see what would happen and started timing. The first day he had no wet accidents at all. The second day, just a couple.

Then he got sick.

He stopped staying dry through naps or overnight. He lost all interest in anything that required him to leave my lap. I was a little disappointed (after all, who doesn't want one of those mythical 15 month-olds who is completely trained in 3 days?) but I knew that it was a long shot at 15 or 16 months anyway.

We've left the potty chair out and he's sat on it occasionally since then, but hasn't put anything in it. He accompanies Aedyn when Aedyn has to go. Nothing else until today.

But this morning I caught him in the bathroom. For once he wasn't trying to climb on top of the toilet. He was struggling to lift the lid (Why he couldn't use the potty chair, I don't know; maybe because in his mind it serves another purpose now.) I asked him what he was doing and he answered "Poop! I poop!"

I helped him get the lid up and the kids seat down and get his diaper off. He sat there for about half a second. Then he passed gas, and I wish I'd had a camera. The had the most adorable look of pride and accomplishment. Nothing came of that, but he did go pee-pee in the potty.

I got excited and we clapped and he got a couple m&ms and we ran to wake Papa up to tell him. That was it.

It's got me thinking though. Maybe I have a potty learner on my hands. I was planning on training him in a couple months, but if this continues he might just learn from his brother without any formal training. We'll see, he's still young and I don't want to rush him, but I do want to strike while the iron's hot. The next few months will be interesting!

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