12 March 2012

Manic Mommy Monday - Mommy Mind Dump #2

Reading through the Manic Mommy Monday posts from last week made me realize that maybe I should do a little more introduction instead of just jumping into the middle of our lives.

I'm Heather. I'm 28 years old and have lived all over the US as an Air Force Brat. I also lived in Central Mexico for 2 years right before Jake and I got married. I love being a SAHM(stay-at-home-mom)but regularly play with the idea of turning my crocheting, sewing, and re-purposing hobbies into an actual WAHM (work-at-home-mom) business.

Jake is my hubby, we've known each other for 13 years, you can read our long and involved fairytale story here, here, here, and here (Yeah, it took four posts - I said it was long!). He manages a local restaurant and has a weird schedule, but it's nice that he has time at home early in the day and can see the boys when they're awake.

Aedyn is 3 years old. He is the poster child for "strong-willed" but is also a cuddler and sweetheart. He's already his little brother's greatest irritant and protector. Aedyn was born via an emergency c-section that saved his life. You can read a little more about that here. In a nutshell, his umbilical cord was so short that he probably wouldn't have been able to make it through the birth canal without detaching the placenta and suffocating. So thankful for a Dr who tried to give me my natural birth but also protected my baby.

Jaron is almost 17 months old. He so sweet and compliant with out being a pushover. He copies almost everything Aedyn does or says and never ceases to amaze me with how quickly he is learning and absorbing everything around him. Jaron was born via repeat c-section after a failed VBAC. His birth is still a very sensitive issue with me, due to hospital pressure/Dr pressure and my own ignorance about my spinal shape... but I'm working through it.

As for this past week. It's been a doozy. Everything around us is going ok, Jake hasn't had a day off in two weeks, but we're managing. But I have been an emotional train wreck. I've been trying to get Jaron 100% day weaned, which is going well for the most part (I'm sure I'll write a more in depth post about that soon). At least well enough that I tried to go ahead and drop the 1am session.

I'm not sure if I was moving too fast or if there are other factors going on, but I am more hormonal/mood swingy/depressed/aggressive...you get the picture...than I ever remember being while pregnant or pms-ing before kids. Just pray for my husband, I think one of us is going to die if this doesn't resolve soon!

And Jaron had his appointment with the GI doctor this morning. I don't particularly care for the office staff. I had to pull information out of them and got the vibe that I should already know the answers to the questions I was asking. The Dr himself seemed very blah and flat. I'm hoping it's just because he wasn't concerned.

Jaron was referred for failure to thrive because he only gained 8 ounces between his 12 month and 15 month well baby checks. In the 6 weeks since then he has put on a pound and a half. Growth spurt much? Just to make sure that nothing else is going on we're having to get stool and urine samples and an x-ray to check bone growth.

So I'm not really worried about the whole weight thing, but we will continue to give him milkshakes instead of regular milk or juice. And we have to do the tests, fortunately the Dr decided to wait on any bloodwork until we get the other tests back, so nothing painful for my baby, yay!

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(EDIT : Hmmm...just realized I have NO pictures of myself, either alone or with the boys/hubby...this needs to be remedied...)

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  1. Wow, no wonder you've been struggling with mood swings with all that's going on with Jaron and Doctors' appointments, etc.! I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this. Is he still on the charts for height? I was going to tell you that N gained less than a lb. between her 12 and 15 month appointments, and only gained 3 oz in the last month (we went in for an ear infection at 14 mo and they checked her weight). So not gaining a whole lot in that period sounds perfectly normal to me! And she is still between 50th and 75th for height and weight. I'm glad he's gotten 1 1/2 lbs in the last 6 weeks, hopefully that trend shall continue! You're such a great mommy, just keep on keepin' on!

  2. Thanks Shelley! He's over the 50%ile on height, but <1%ile. Both Drs agree that he's probably just small, but because his weight is in his records they have to rule out that it might be anything else for insurance/liability. It stinks to go through the hassle, but they're not going to do the bloodwork unless one of the non-invasive tests comes back odd, so I appreciate that :) I think that his growth spurts are spread out just far enough that his well check visits tend to be right before one so they're not getting a good average.


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